We were aiming for a 1 September start. But we are ahead of schedule in our planning and a start in late July/early August is very much on the cards. Everything has gone smoothly so far and I keep looking out for the potholes in the road that will challenge our stable progress. We are under no illusion that once we are out in the open those potholes will open up more frequently than a UK main road in winter, but we are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. We have been patient and methodical in our build-up. Thoughts are now turning to post-launch promotion and visbility. How to get us noticed? How to make us stand out from the competition? We already tweet @admsaint and we also have a Linked In account, which we will be looking to expand. A Facebook page will also be appearing in the next week or two. We are on that Social Media highway and exploring all those virtual opportunities. On a practical level, we are delighted to have booked a stand at the Let’s Do Business Hastings Exhibition on 29 September. Having attended similar events for the public sector, we know that these are the kind of networking opportunities that are critical to getting your name noticed and drumming up some business. Of course, the obligatory promotional freebie needs to be thrown in as well. You can’t attend an exhibition nowadays without expecting to give away something for free, can you? We can’t wait for this event and genuinely look forward to meeting some of you there. Whilst I am Sussex born and bred, this venture will be a new kid in town and our sincere thanks go to the organisers for supporting start-up businesses in this way – a real opportunity to mingle with the big boys. We are also excited about joining the First Friday Network for East Sussex and the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce in due course. I am sure there will be a wealth of knowledge with both. However, I have noticed that there is no First Friday Network meeting specifically scheduled in Hastings – so we might have to do something about that as the weeks progress! We are also going to promote a launch competition and, in addition, an introductory offer to your first order. These details will be on the website very soon indeed. But whilst a competition and an introductory offer might be welcome gestures, they are also slightly tired clichés and we want to do a little bit more for our clients. We have noticed that many businesses, and sole traders in particular, require support outside normal business hours. How many times have you needed to type something over the weekend for Monday morning and had to waste your weekend having to do it yourself? How many times have you needed to book an appointment after 5:00pm? What if you’re busy with your core business during the normal working day and would find it easier to discuss administrative support with us later in the evening or on Saturday/Sunday? Yet most Virtual Assistant services generally work on the Monday-Friday, 9-5 schedule, or if additional services are offered, the client is expected to pay more for them. Admin Saint will go further to help you. We understand that businesses need cost-effective support outside of core hours. In discussion with each client, Admin Saint can support you in the evenings, at the weekend and on bank holidays for no additional cost. These services will be included within the cost of the chosen package. We are not in the business of ’spin’ or ‘catches’. This is simply about wanting to understand the needs of our clients and to be able to work to their business agenda, not our own. Admin Saint is community-minded too. We are proud to champion local businesses, events and experiences. Whether it’s the Hastings Beer and Music Festival, the Old Town Carnival, the Electric Palace Cinema or the Stables Theatre, we will do our best to encourage the local community to make use of local shops and services. This isn’t on a quid pro quo basis. It’s just because localism is important to us. So, whether it’s at the Let’s Do Business exhibition in September, a business lunch at The Ghurka Palace, a chance encounter at the Old Town Carnival or over a pint in the FILO, we look forward to meeting you soon and saying hello. But if you are not part of the local community, then fret not; you are equally welcome. Social Media is marvellous for making a big world very small, isn’t it? Or why not visit Hastings and see what this great little town has to offer? In the meantime, please feel free to email enquiries@adminsaint.com if you have any questions about how we may be able to help you.

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